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Automatically switch between Day/night colours based on your current lat/lon and calculated sunrise/set times for that location. Sadly the Go doesn't support $GPZDA NMEA sentences, which would allow us to automatically set your timezone, so you need the SatSync application below to set the clock and the SetTZ app to set your timezone.


Sync the Go's clock (hw/sw) with gps satellites. This sets both the system DATE and the time. The original Go application only sets the time. Hardware clock changes are not effective at this time. It would acutally be better if TT set the date too...


Allows you to change the 'timezone' used by Autoswitcher and SatSync.


Quickly add speed cameras to your POI lists for later possible inclusion in the PocketGPS/other database. Click the icon and Quickam uses the current longitude and latitude to store the camera information, to make life a little easier it will also save the street name and city. When you get home you can use an application such as poiedit to add more detail if required. The results can be submitted to sites such as PocketGPSWorld for inclusion in the free databases for all to use.


You can download the applications here:

You MUST have at least 5.202 installed on your Go to use these applications.

You have been warned!

Updated Autoswitcher from 30-jul-2005. You can examine the readme for this version here

TTG Applications and 5.202
TTG Updated Applications (No 5.202) updated 24th July 2005 18:03
RG has provided some updated graphics for some of the applications - Thanks RG!
Here's a beta of Navigate to Lat/lon just copy the .bmp and .cap to the SdkRegistry folder and the n2c app to the catapps folder

Updates to autoswitcher, satsync (quickam and time are unchanged) fixes stupid bug in SatSync and Autoswitcher

Updates to autoswitcher, satsync and quickam (time is unchanged) Satsync should be a little more resiliant to dodgy data, it may take a little longer to sync the time, but it should cope better with bad packets. Note SatSync no longer exits after syncing, it remains in memory and will sync every 8 hours, there is no longer an icon to start it, it should be run from cleanup.txt

Quickam now writes the speed you were doing at the time you started it in kph and mph (the numbers in brackets at the end of the description kmh first, then mph)

Autoswitcher, just some internal code fixes for accuracy

You MUST have at least 5.202 installed on your Go to use these applications.

You have been warned!

More very soon!

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