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The Tools

There are a great many tools or hardware devices and software applications that are used to create the automated home. In this section we will take a look at some of the hardware and software used and developed by me.

H = Hardware          S = Software

HHomevisionA description of the hardware and some of it's functionsH
HX10 modulesThe available types and their functionsH
HFirM HardwareA description and explaination of the best (IMHO) hardware add-on for HomevisionH
HTemperature probesPico temperature probes used by meH
HRocket portA network serial hub allowing almost endless serial portsH
HRio/DDARMP3 hifi component for music all around the houseH
HEPODSWonderful little windows CE touchscreen deviceH
HFujitsu PT510Windows 98 flat panel PCH
HEthernet over powerlineA God send for those who don't have CAT5 everywhereH
HPronto and Pronto PROTouchscreen IR remotes with PC interfaceH
SHomeAutomatorVisual Basic DCOM interface to Homevision, ASP, VBscript and other applicationsS
SAsteriskLinux based PBX supporting SIP H.323 and IAX protocolsS