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HomeAutomator HVC provides the (D)COM interface between the Homevision application and HVASP (or any other COM enabled application). What this means is that information or control of your Homevision based home automation can be accessed by any ASP, VBscript, Visual Basic or C application.

HomeAutomator is the product of many hours work by both myself and Graham Howe (aka Solarfish). Graham has done the ASP side and I have concentrated on the DCOM interface to the Homevision hardware.

An initial pre-alpha version was demonstrated to the UKHA community at a meet in London and the initial reception was extremely encouraging.

Both Graham and I have talked about how much HomeAutomator should cost the user and both of us steadfastly stood by the fact that the software should be FREE and available to anyone that wants it. One of the primary reasons for this was that we were initially developing the software for our own use, and then decided that others may want to use it. We could not however supply any sort of full suport package, and thus reached the decision to make the software free.

HomeAutomator has a Yahoo group for those who have questions on its use or wish to download it. The version at Yahoo is the current released version. Upgrades take place almost daily but they are only released once tested by graham and myself. Technical documentation is available here.

 HomeAutomator now supports caller-id
 HomeAutomator now supports FirM directly!
 HomeAutomator support for xAP under development!
 HomeAutomator support for xPL under development!

When using something like ASP or VBScript the normal procedure for accessing HVC commands is as in the following example:

  Set x = CreateObject("HomeAutomator.hvc_Info")
      CurrentSunrise = x.Sunrise
  Set x = nothing