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Wishlist (in no particular order)

Prices are in USD, I'm in .nl and we use Euros, but dollar prices seem to make more sense in this context. Links provided are for reference, maybe you know where to get better prices..

1. Dock 'n Talk for Sony Ericsson P910i, approximate cost 139 USD
2. SIPUra 3000, apploximate cost 149 USD
3. RJ45/BTS - with ring capacitor (Ring capacitor is important), apploximate cost 5 USD Thanks to Quinten
4. VIA EPIA MII12000, approximate cost 226 USD
5. TiVo TurboNET Ethernet NIC, approximate cost 103 USD
6. Slim Devices Squeezebox MP3 Player Wired Only, approximate cost 254 USD
7. Roku SoundBridge M500, approximate cost 108 USD (reported price in some stores)
8. Linksys Linkstation (120GB), approximate cost ??? USD

I also have an amazon wishlist