Asterisk and fixed line SMS

A new feature courtesy of Adrian Kennard is fixed line SMS support. I had a few headaches getting it working but it's all pretty clear now. Fixed line SMS (as I have it set up) allows me to send messages to asterisk from the phone and receive them from Asterisk. I created a web page and a small script to allow me to send SMS messages to the phone using a browser.



Waiting for an SMS Message to arrive


SMS Notification! This model of phone does NOT ring when it receives an SMS message. It DOES beep (4 tones) though. The button marked 'C' is a short key to read the messages. You can just see the little envelope on the display in this one, it flashes when a new message arrives. Here we are reading the message that was sent. This message was actually sent from a web page that caused asterisk to send it to the phone.


It's worth noting that this will work over VoIP too. As an experiment I connected the DECT base station to an IAXy and the unit received and sent messages as normal. You could also do this between asterisk boxes using IAX2 (or IAX), in fact if there were a SIP phone that could do fixed line SMS messaging it's pretty likely that that would also work. This opens up a whole area of SMS messaging over VoIP cutting out those nasty Telco rates for messages...

You will need to check YOUR phone's settings.. the numbers 09110235029 and 0161274599 were the factory defaults for my phone purchased in the UK. The cgi code is pretty well commented, pay particular attention to the number to send the message to - it MUST end in a 1 (one).

Example entry for receiving messages FROM a phone:

Please note that 09110235029 is defined in the phone as the message centre for sending messages (message centre 1 in this type of phone) - This number may be different in your phone.

exten => 09110235029,1,noop(Incoming SMS from ${CALLERIDNUM})
exten => 09110235029,2,SMS(09110235029,as)
exten => 09110235029,3,hangup

This entry is used by the queuesms.cgi file script to send the message TO the phone.

exten => _X.,2,SMS(${CALLERIDNUM},s)
exten => _X.,3,Hangup

You can get a copy of the tarball with the perl script and example page here